Welcome to Empowered Living. We are a Holistic Hub for all your self-development needs.    

Our vision is to help you understand the mind - body connection and how it's impacting your reality.

We see the value in bringing holistic coaching and counselling together. Supporting you in healing past trauma, connecting patterns with your present and shifting behaviours for your future. 

You can breathe easy knowing you're in the right place for change.


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Here at Empowered Living we believe no matter what hand you've been dealt, you have the power to change your reality. Our vision is to guide you on your personal journey to knowing yourself and work with you towards implementing the skills necessary to help you shape a more harmonious life. 














We consider your whole being and all of your life’s elements in the process. We value creativity and self-expression and offer expansive services to embody this. We provide a safe, inclusive environment with respect and honesty always present. We practice curiosity instead of judgement and we understand that you’re an individual with unique needs, inspiring us to curate your sessions to match your personal experience.  


The someone 

who inspires me

is the person

I'm becoming











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With today's technology our leadership can connect with you through private video anywhere in Canada.


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Genieve Morison



Certified Holistic Life Coach (CHLC)
Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHLC)
Certified Wellness Counsellor (CWC)

Hi - I’m Genieve and I’m honoured to introduce myself as one of your leaders here at Empowered Living. My journey with Empowered Living dates back longer than 2017, when the company was founded. I grew up in Calgary AB and like many I experienced trauma and hardship, I felt out of place, different and never enough. The only moment I felt I belonged was when I was dancing on stage. Throughout my various dance years I grew a deep passion for health and wellness and in 2014 when I suffered the first of several concussions in my life, I realized wellness was about more than just taking care of my physical body. It was about taking care of all of my selves - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social. With this sudden pain and identity loss with letting go of my professional dance dreams, I was launched into a long self development journey.

 I worked rigorously to implement the tools and techniques necessary to navigate this ever shifting physical experience and my goal was to be most proud of my personal holistic wellness. My exploration eventually guided me into leading others and I set out to obtain my holistic health coaching certification from one of the leading health coaching schools world wide, Health Coach Institute. Once I graduated I founded Empowered Living in 2017 and since then I have been working to expand my skillset as a leader in the wellness industry, so that I’m able to provide my clients with the best care possible. I have now received my holistic life coaching certification and am certified in wellness counselling. I'm informed in trauma, addictions, crisis intervention and non-violent communication. I'm educated in somatic therapy, movement therapy, CBT, DBT and narrative therapy. I have recently graduated with my professional counselling diploma from Rhodes Wellness College and am working towards my registration with the Association of Credited Counsellors within BC. 

The foundation of my practice is Integrative Counselling with CBT [cognitive behavioural therapy] and Person Centred Therapy at the heart of the experience. To support the process I use tools and techniques from Narrative Therapy, Somatic Therapy and Feminist Therapy when appropriate. I have the belief that the thoughts we have, impact the emotions we feel and these internal experiences influence how we interact with our environment [the theory of CBT]. Having a supported space to better understand your experience gives you the opportunity for change [narrative, somatics and feminist tools and techniques supporting the process]. There is a focus on relationship between you and I being one of the valuable agents of change and implementation of whats discovered into daily life, so you're able to experience change. You are the expert of your life and I am here to help you unlock this within yourself.  


I have always had an innate curiosity about this human experience and everyone who knows me personally will tell you that I’ve always asked tons of questions about the most random things. This innate curiosity has added to my strength in being able to naturally hold space without judgement, for the depths of what this this life throws our way. I am a proud member of the LGBTQ2IA+ community and my vision is to create a safe, inclusive environment where diversity is seen, accepted and celebrated. Where you are safe to explore yourself and be curious about everything you have been conditioned to believe about this life. And with these expansive awarenesses be given the necessary tools to be able to navigate this reality in a way that is more aligned.


I believe you have the capability of living the life you desire, we all just need a little guidance sometimes and I will continue to work along side many great others in the journey towards normalizing this. 


I want to personally welcome you to the Empowered Living community, I look forward to connecting with you soon.  


- G 


Lexxus Organ


Bachelors of Arts-Psychology (BA)

Certified Holistic Life Coach (CHLC)

Certified Wellness Counsellor (CWC)

My passion has always been driven around helping people and supporting others in the experience of life. Through my own experience of anxiety, depression, trauma and PMDD I've stepped out of my old belief that resilience was the only true key to self-development and into my new understanding that support and community may the the greatest ingredients to loving yourself and loving change.


I have recently graduated with my professional counselling diploma with Rhodes College and I am working towards becoming fully registered within the Association of Cooperative Canadian Counsellors. I am trained in CBT, DBT, TRE, Somatic therapy, Narrative therapy, wellness counselling, eco therapy, trauma and addictions informed, crisis intervention and non-violent communication informed. I have also received a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Simon Fraser University. I am a certified life and wellness coach trained in goal setting, leadership and communication and therefore can step into deep work within the past, present and future using the Biopsychosocial model.On a personal note, I am bubbly and down to earth and am passionate about practicing health and fitness on my spare time. I am a HUGE foodie and avid traveller. You can usually find me on a beautiful hike, seeking the best new and upcoming restaurants to eat in Vancouver or seeking for my next destination around the world.​    

- Lex


Graphic by Kaylin Lactin

Empowered Living is proud to provide a safe and inclusive environment. We remain open to growing and learning from diverse cultures and unique backgrounds. We see diversity and celebrate it!


Empowered Living would like to acknowledge we are healing and practicing in the City of Vancouver and it’s on the traditional territories of three Local First Nations: The Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Territories. These three First Nations are part of a larger cultural group called the Coast Salish. They have a special spiritual, cultural, and economic connection to this land it goes back thousands of years. Here is an excellent reference for deeper understanding and various other resources are provided throughout - First Peoples - A Guide For Newcomers - Published by The City of Vancouver 




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Disclaimer: Holistic Life Coaches and Counsellors at Empowered Living help you to achieve

life-enhancing behaviour change through specialized holistic coaching and counselling modalities. They do not diagnose, assess or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of a general practitioner. Please consult your doctor with any concerns; we are happy and open to working with your physician’s guidance to best support your wellbeing.

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Rebecca Reinhart - The Unintentional Pornstar

I had the pleasure of being a guest on one of my favourite humans podcast. Read below in her words a little of the juiciness we dive in to. Thank you Rebecca for having me on The Unintentional Pornstar   - G

Genieve2020-11-1Rebecca Reinhart
00:00 / 1:05:55

"Process is a lifelong journey.  'What It Is To Be Human' is an in depth discussion with my life coach and counsellor Genieve with @empoweredlivingtoday . The universe is telling me this is an IMPORTANT episode. Genieve's mind is so expansive and caring. Her and I speak about the many multitudes of topics around self development. We open up the depths of what my journey has looked like to her - and how we can all integrate such practices into our own lives...  Process is calling you at all

times. I hope we continue to choose to listen. "Lean into the process no matter how uncomfortable it is" - Genieve.. This episode makes me speechless and I am not holding back my awe and excitement in this description. Tune in and gather any and all you wish. I love Genieve with all my heart, and her voice and insight blows me away. Mic drop. With so much love,"


DISCLAIMER:  These are personal opinions included within the podcast. This is a very relaxed and candid conversation around the self-development process.  *This is based off personal opinions, events & beliefs.


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ttps://fwe.ca - The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) is a 

Canadian charity that educates, mentors, energizes and connects women entrepreneurs to be wildly successful.

https://qmunity.ca - Qmunity - is what happens when queer, trans, and Two-Spirit folks looking for a sense of community come together to meet, guide, and support each other. Qmunity offers a number of resources including access to counselling and support groups for members of the LGBTQ2IA+ community. Local to Vancouver.

https://blackwomenconnectvancouver.com - Black Women Connect Vancouver is a collective of women who come together to inspire, empower, leverage our strengths and embrace our diverse experiences. It’s a community where we can build meaningful relationships, and celebrate the beauty of black womanhood. 

http://www.2spirits.com - Our mission is to create a place where Two Spirited people and Aborignal people living with HIV/AIDS can grow and learn together as a community, fostering a positive self-sufficient image, honouring our past and buidling a future.