Are you ready to let go of how you’ve been treating yourself? And practice greater self-compassion on the journey

to self-actualization and stepping into the life you truly desire.

Take a deep breath - you’re fully supported here.

It’s time to experience a new reality. One thats fulfilling and ALIVE. One with healthy boundaries and living through your personal values.

One where you achieve your wildest dreams and believe you deserve everything coming your way!

One with an intuitive holistic mindset, strengthening your inner confidence and self-worth.

The experience of life is just that, an experience… How would you like to experience yours?

EMPOWERED LIVING is passionate about helping YOU rise to your MOST ALIGNED SELF using personalized holistic life coaching. Our mission is to guide you on your personal journey to SELF-ACTUALIZATION.


We FOCUS in four areas - Supporting you in deepening your understanding of who you are and how you want to experience this life. Helping you strengthen your life skills and transfer your new found awarenesses to real time, so you’re able to reach your fullest potential. Guiding you in opening yourself to connecting with the universe and earth's elements for healing and helping you discover what that looks like for you. Supporting you in living your daily life through your personal values with an INTUITIVE HOLISTIC mindset.   


Empowered Living values working with a holistic life coaching approach. We consider your WHOLE BEING and all your life’s elements in the process. We make space for your growth and learning, which includes reminding you about self-compassion. We provide a safe, inclusive environment with respect and honesty always present. We practice curiosity instead of judgement. We hold space for you to deepen your understanding of yourself and provide accountability so you’re able to step into the life you truly desire with confidence.



Genieve Morison has changed my life in the most impeccable ways! I feel more empowered to take on any challenge that comes my way because of her. No matter what issue I am going through, she knows exactly how to guide me forward in ways that are best suited for my journey. Her knowledge always amazes me... 

Rebecca Reinhart - Toronto



Your whole self will be guided inward on the personal journey to self-actualization. Your renewed grounding in who you are will give you the confidence to achieve any dream you desire.





Strengthen various life skills while experiencing the power behind community and self-growth, utilizing a discussion based experiential style of learning.

With today's technology your coach Genieve can connect with you through personal video anywhere in the world.



Genieve Morison


Certified Holistic Life Coach

Genieve received her life coaching certification from highly recognized, Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver, BC. And her health coaching certificate from one of the leading health coaching schools world wide, Health Coach Institute. Genieve is trained in counselling and is trauma and addiction informed. She is currently working towards her Registered Professional Counselling Diploma with Rhodes, graduating 2021. 


She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and now currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has a background in dance, performing professionally with several performing arts companies in Calgary, Vancouver and Internationally.

Her previous dance experience sparked her interest in health and wellness early in life and since then the journey of self exploration and transformation have been a primary focus and passion. Beginning with an obsession for the “self development” sections in every book store, to helping friends work through life’s challenges and now with her certifications she has found her calling in guiding people on the journey to better understanding themselves and how to reach for a world with self-love, self-respect, achieving dreams and believing you deserve it.


Genieve is passionate and committed to guiding you through the journey of self-discovery and self-growth, transforming your experience in life to one with confidence, clarity, awareness, love and empowered action into achieving your dreams.

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Empowered Living is proud to provide a safe and inclusive environment. We remain open to growing and learning from diverse cultures and unique backgrounds. We see diversity and celebrate it!


Empowered Living would like to acknowledge we are healing and practicing in the City of Vancouver and it’s on the traditional territories of three Local First Nations: The Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Territories. These three First Nations are part of a larger cultural group called the Coast Salish. They have a special spiritual, cultural, and economic connection to this land it goes back thousands of years. Here is an excellent reference for deeper understanding and various other resources are provided throughout - First Peoples - A Guide For Newcomers - Published by The City of Vancouver 

With Monies received Empowered Living is currently giving back to the following communities:

ttps://fwe.ca - The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) is a 

Canadian charity that educates, mentors, energizes and connects women entrepreneurs to be wildly successful.

https://qmunity.ca - Qmunity - is what happens when queer, trans, and Two-Spirit folks looking for a sense of community come together to meet, guide, and support each other. Qmunity offers a number of resources including access to counselling and support groups for members of the LGBTQ2IA+ community. Local to Vancouver.

https://blackwomenconnectvancouver.com - Black Women Connect Vancouver is a collective of women who come together to inspire, empower, leverage our strengths and embrace our diverse experiences. It’s a community where we can build meaningful relationships, and celebrate the beauty of black womanhood. 

http://www.2spirits.com - Our mission is to create a place where Two Spirited people and Aborignal people living with HIV/AIDS can grow and learn together as a community, fostering a positive self-sufficient image, honouring our past and buidling a future.



Are you finding it difficult to commit to the changes in life you’re striving for? You know the ones I’m referring to… The ones you keep telling yourself you’ll do and still no forward movement - We often know the things we could be doing to feel our best, however it’s not always easy to achieve follow through. Is there something that can help create a shift within us?





Disclaimer: Holistic Life Coaches at Empowered Living achieve ‘behaviour change’ through transformational coaching, using a holistic approach [adoption of life-enhancing practices]. They do not diagnose, assess or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. Consult your doctor with any concerns. However, we are happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your wellbeing.

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