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Concussion Healing Support Group

Support Group Session

Have you recently been impacted by a concussion? Not sure your next step? To learn more about the healing journey and gain support and resources along the way - Join our concussion healing support group guided by therapist Genieve Morison and connect with your community today. 

Genieve navigated a series of concussions and combining their personal journey and education they worked to understand the impacts and how to make a difference in the healing process, giving them the confidence and ability to step into life and help others do the same.

*limited space available

Genieve had the pleasure of making a guest appearance on the podcast Both Sides Now June 11th 2019 [Radio Show on Vancouver COOP Radio 100.5FM], with hosts Bernadine Fox and Glen Grigg and concussion survivor Rina Liddle. Dive into how EL can affect your healing.
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