Victim mentality to Empowered Mindset - Your language and mindset are extremely important in developing a strong sense of confidence & self-worth which directly impact the trajectory of your life. Review this handout to help determine where in your life you fall into Victim Mentality & learn tools to help move you into an Empowered Mindset more consistently. The more often you do the transformational work in the moment, the quicker it will become second nature to you. Empowered Mindset will become your new way of navigating life.





Being Who I Need In The Moment - Are you finding it difficult to commit to the changes in life you’re striving for? You know the ones I’m referring to… The ones you keep telling yourself you’ll do and still no forward movement - We often know the things we could be doing to feel our best, however it’s not always easy to achieve follow through. Is there something that can help create a shift within us? Absolutely...


Grounding And Containment Exercises - Feeling overwhelmed and flooded by emotion? rapid flooding thoughts? Experiencing numbness and dissociation? Utilize these exercises to help bring you back into the present moment and into regulation within your body.


Journal Exploration - This style of journaling is designed to help you understand your thoughts & emotions, work to release them and adopt a more aligned perspective. To help you move closer to living life in a way you desire, designate time to put your pen to paper, explore your current thoughts and reflect on your experience by answering the following questions. Recommended for best results to check-in with these questions weekly


Refocus Plan - When you’re anxious, in a low mood, overwhelmed and or experiencing heightened emotions, it helps to have a plan ready so you’re able to Refocus and Realign yourself successfully. In these moments when you’re unaligned you have the choice to support yourself or allow yourself to suffer through it. Change happens when we practice making the aligned choice in the moments we need to. This realignment plan will help to make picking something a little easier.

I [G] had the pleasure of making a guest appearance on the podcast Both Sides Now June 11th 2019 [Radio Show on Vancouver COOP Radio 100.5FM], with hosts Bernadine Fox and Glen Grigg and concussion survivor Rina Liddle. Dive into how coaching can affect your healing and the connection between brain injuries and mental health.