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60min private sessions until purchased amount of hours are complete. [Phone or video chat to connect - If you live in the Vancouver area and prefer in person sessions, your coach can come to you for an additional 10% charge.] 

Build desirable goals for your healing and a clear path to get you there, based on what areas of your life are being affected by your injury [discovered in the initial consultation]. 

Discover what thoughts and language are holding you back in your healing and learn to adopt empowered language, so you can begin to take responsibility for your healing, life and the outcomes you achieve.

Work to build a powerful connection with your intuition and start to listen to what your body needs in every moment of healing.

Discover how to shift your body from constantly activating the stress response to naturally being relaxed.

Be guided through the ritual of understanding your pre-injury identity, receive support while letting go of your past-self and help discovering your present, post-injury identity and way of being. Be given the tools to look at your future self with awareness and understanding of how to navigate in this world in a way that works for the present YOU and allows you to live a desirable life feeling joyful and happy RIGHT NOW, instead of waiting to be happy when you’re "fully healed" - unknown of when that will be. 

Learn specialized skills for connecting to your deep motivating reasons for transformation in your healing and techniques for staying inspired.

Learn specialized concussion healing tools and techniques for various symptoms and challenges along your journey.

Curated information and handouts emailed directly to you, relative to what you are working on in session[s]. 

Recognize daily self-destructive thoughts and habits and replace them with nourishing behaviours. 

Be introduced to the transformational journey of experiencing life guided by your mind into living life driven by your heart.

Outline weekly EMPOWERED ACTION steps to help you continue moving forward in your healing. With the flexibility to develop a new approach if the plan in place is no longer working.

Learn what kind of support and accountability you require during your healing journey and how to clearly communicate to others what you’re experiencing and how they are able to support you and hold you accountable in the ways that you need. 

The gift of out of session support from your coach through email or text [answered within 24 hours].

A committed coach who will help you dig deep within yourself to discover your personal core values and guide you into living life embodying that version of yourself. And at the same time as compassionately supporting you, holding you accountable to the weekly empowered goals you’ve established. 

Included in your Investment

This program is for YOU if you are currently healing from a concussion or are in post concussion phase of your journey. You will benefit from this program if you need guidance shifting your mindset surrounding your injury and help developing healthy habits, working with your healing instead of against it. This program is designed to help you navigate your unique healing experience and develop desirable healing goals that are attainable and at the same time, moving you forward in your healing.   

    Your coach, Genieve Morison, is a survivor of five consecutive concussions and combining her personal experience with her certification knowledge, she passionately developed a program to help those on the same healing journey.

Concussion Healing Treatment


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$274.50 [4 months]
$253.00 [6 months]
$231.00 [12 months]
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$506.00 [3 months]
$462.00 [6 months]
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Genieve and I worked on a number of things in our 12 weeks together. She taught me some really effective coping techniques when my symptoms were overwhelming, and how to pace my day/time so I less frequently needed those coping techniques. We worked on whatever habits I needed to improve my quality of life. She is a fantastic, compassionate listener, often picking out the underlying messages of my thoughts that I didn’t know where there. I’ve learned so much about myself, and I can more freely celebrate all the positive things in my life, rather than dwell on the negatives. 

Working with Genieve was the first time I felt like someone truly understood what I was going through. We laughed about forgetting words as we were talking, we cried about shared emotions and experiences that come with PCS. It made me feel much less alone. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach on this healing journey. Genieve helped me get my life back on track. I feel more in control of my future and the hope and happiness has returned to my life. Everyone needs a Genieve!

Kaitie McGowan– Squamish

Empowered Living and Genieve Morison made a guest appearance on podcast Both Sides Now June 11th 2019 [Radio Show on Vancouver COOP Radio 100.5FM], with hosts Bernadine Fox and Glen Grigg and concussion survivor Rina Liddle. Dive into how coaching can affect your healing and the connection between brain injuries and mental health.