30min complimentary discovery call to see if Empowered Living is right for you.

Access to the Empowered Living Resources App where you have access to daily motivation and resources to support your growth. 


90min holistic assessment session to gain a clear understanding of where you currently are, where you have been and where you see yourself in your future. This helps to determine where you'd like to begin your journey and can later be revisited to see how far you've come.  


60min private sessions until purchased amount of hours are complete. [ZOOM video chat to connect]

For those emergency moments - out of session support via text or email with your coach / counsellor. 

Included in your Investment

Coaching &


Coaches and Counsellors with Empowered Living have an integrative approach. The therapeutic experience is created with a foundation of Person Centred Therapy and CBT. Specialized tools and techniques from other therapies will be introduced when needed in session to help the process. (ex. somatic therapy and narrative therapy)

Possible area(s) of exploration - healing past wounds and trauma(s), emotional regulation, mind-body connection and the recognition of how its impacting your reality, creating and asserting boundaries, understanding and meeting your personal needs, establishing self-responsible language, knowing who your support system is and more!  

$120 - $150 per hour
payment plans available upon request

[credit card & interac e-transfers accepted- CDN funds]

Limited Time Offer  $85  per hour