60min private sessions until purchased amount of hours are complete. [Phone or ZOOM video chat to connect]

Included in your Investment

Be safely guided on the journey within. Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and how you would like to navigate and experience your life. Strengthen life skills so you are able to transfer your new found awarenesses to real life.

Discover what areas of yourself are calling to be nourished and fulfilled.

Learn how to approach your daily life through a HOLISTIC MINDSET.  

Uncover desirable goals and a clear path to get you there, based on what areas of yourself are calling to be nourished [discovered in the initial consultation].

Discover what thoughts and language are holding you back from true alignment and adopt empowered language, so you can begin to take responsibility for your life and the outcomes you achieve. 

Learn specialized skills for connecting to your motivating reasons for transformation and techniques for staying inspired. 

Work to build a powerful connection with your intuition and start to listen to what your body is expressing in every moment. 

Deepen your understanding of what emotions you are feeling, what emotions feel like in your body, how to navigate the act of processing emotions and what resources you can turn to for support.

Discover alternative ways to communicate > respond vs. react. 

Deepen your relationship to the Universe and Earth’s Elements for healing and guidance. Look within yourself to discover what that means for you, understanding everyones spiritual journey is unique to them.

Recognize daily self-destructive thoughts and habits and replace them with nourishing behaviours.

Uncover recurring patterns and the lesson[s] they are revealing, in order to understand, release and move forward. 

Discover how to shift your body from constantly activating the stress response to naturally being relaxed.

Learn tools and techniques to help you overcome challenges during your evolutional journey.

Curated information and handouts emailed directly to you, relative to what you are working on in session[s].

Be introduced to the transformational journey of experiencing life guided by your mind into living life driven by your heart.

Outline weekly EMPOWERED FOCUS steps to help you continue moving in the direction of living life in alignment. With the flexibility to develop a new approach if the plan in place is no longer working.

Learn what kind of support and accountability you require during your personal transformation and how to clearly communicate to others what you’re experiencing and how they are able to support you and hold you accountable in the ways that you need. 

The gift of out of session support from your coach through email or text [answered within 24 hours]. 

A committed coach who will help you dig deep within yourself to discover your personal core values and guide you into living life embodying that version of yourself. And at the same time as compassionately supporting you, holding you accountable to the weekly empowered goals you’ve established.

$120 per hour

packages and payment plan options available

[credit card & interac e-transfers accepted- CDN funds]

It's my time







Genieve Morison has changed my life in the most impeccable ways! I feel more empowered to take on any challenge that comes my way because of her. No matter what issue I am going through, she knows exactly how to guide me forward in ways that are best suited for my journey. Her knowledge always amazes me. Genieve not only helps me reach my goals, but also helps me see how I can surpass them in ways that feel attainable and that produce actual results. I feel as though I am learning how to become an even better version of myself through every session, and am forever excited about what I will learn from her in our future sessions together. I love Genieve!!!

Rebecca Reinhart – Toronto