60min private sessions until purchased amount of hours are complete. [ZOOM video chat to connect]

Included in your Investment

>   A committed coach and counsellor will help you dig deep within yourself to discover your personal core values and guide you into living life embodying that version of yourself, by compassionately supporting you and holding you accountable to the weekly empowered goals you’ve established.

>   Be safely guided on the journey within. Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and how you would like to navigate and experience your life.

>   Explore and heal areas of your past, utilizing specialized counselling modalities.

>   Uncover recurring patterns and the lesson[s] they are revealing, in order to understand, release and move forward.

>   Uncover desirable goals and a clear path to get you there, based on your personal values and needs [discovered in the first session].

>   Discover what self-destructive thoughts, habits and language are holding you back. Utilize specific counselling techniques and adopt compassionate communication, so you can begin to take responsibility for your life and the outcomes you achieve. 

>   Be supported in achieving self-reliance. Discover ways to stay motivated, inspired and resilient.

>   Deepen your understanding of what emotions you're feeling, what emotions feel like in your body, how to navigate the act of processing emotions and what resources you can turn to for support.

>   Discover how to shift your body from activating constant high stress responses to navigating these situations in a more regulated and grounded way

>   Learn how to approach your daily life through a HOLISTIC MINDSET.  

Work to build a powerful connection with your intuition and start to listen to what your body is expressing and needing.

>   Connect deeper with your emotional and physical selves utilizing healing through movement

>   Be guided on the benefits of Ecotherapy. Gain healing, strength and guidance from the Earth and Nature with the option to do your session(s) outside.

>   Learn what kind of support and accountability you require during your personal transformation and how to clearly communicate to others what you’re experiencing and how they are able to support you and hold you accountable in the ways that you need. 

>   Outline weekly EMPOWERED FOCUS steps to help you continue moving in the direction of your session(s), with the flexibility to develop a new approach if the plan in place is no longer working.

>   Curated information and handouts emailed directly to you, relative to what you are working on in session[s].

>   We understand that emergencies come up, so that's why we've included access to out of session support with your leader through the app, email or text [answered within 24 hours].

It's my time


Coaching &



$120 per hour
$400 for 4hours

payment plan options available

[credit card & interac e-transfers accepted- CDN funds]