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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Long Is The Commitment?

You are the expert of your life and are in control of the direction and length of your journey at Empowered Living

What Does Holistic Mean?

This life experience is complex with many impacting elements internally and externally. At Empowered Living we see the value in getting curious about all of life and all of you. With this holistic awareness you have the opportunity to heal past wounds and change present behaviours for a more harmonious future.

What Are The Standards Of Confidentiality?

Everything in session with your coach/counsellor is held confidential, unless it must be breached for your safety and the safety of others. Confidentiality will be breached in the instance of harm to self or others, neglect of a vulnerable person(s) and in the event that notes are subpoenaed by the court(s). Notes are written and stored according to the standards of practice and ethical guidelines for counsellors of Canada and you have the right to request your notes at anytime. 

What's On The Empowered Living App?

Empowered Living has a member app that you will be invited to following the discovery call. Here you will have access to booking sessions, making payments and staying connected with your coach / counsellor. You'll be notified of any upcoming workshops and events and there is daily motivation and resources in the blog to support your growth.

Are There Any Risks to Empowered Living's Therapy Services ?

With any healing journey there is the risk of experiencing overwhelming emotions when having a safe space to come face to face with real, raw honesty. Our coaches/counsellors are here to support you in this part of your journey, guide you in better understanding your emotional body and how to meet your personal needs, so you're able to hold all of your experience.

How Do I Know If This Is For Me?

Are you where you'd like to be in life? Are you satisfied with how you're feeling? Are you experiencing the same pattern in life and need guidance in shifting things? Are you struggling with emotional regulation? Are you constantly outside of your window of tolerance? Is there a past wound or trauma that you're ready to hold and heal? Are you working to let go of negative self-talk and need support on the journey? Are you looking for a safe space to gain understanding of yourself and this life experience?

If you answered YES to any of these - you're in the right place!

What's Involved In The Initial Assessment?

After your discovery call - we step into an assessment during your first session. This assessment gives you a clear understanding of where you currently are, where you have been and where you see yourself in your future. It explores both your internal and external world and what's going on for you. We see the value in returning to your initial assessment in a later session to see the growth you've achieved and where you're still looking to give a little more focus. 

What Therapy Modalities Are Used In This Mental Health Service?

Our coaches/counsellors are integrative with their approach. This means they use tools and techniques from many well researched modalities and therapies. A foundational piece to your experience at Empowered Living is the relationship you and your counsellor have created. The base of the co-creative exploration is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and when needed to accelerate and support the healing, techniques from Narrative Therapy, Feminist Therapy, Somatic Therapy and Existentialism are introduced.   

What If I'm Afraid To Step In? Is Resistance Normal?

Resistance is a normal part of the self exploration. Resistance can come up for many reasons and gives a lot of insight into where you are in your openness to the journey. We're able to work with the resistance you're experiencing and discover ways to support the process.   

Whats The Benefit Of Combining Coaching and Counselling?

Coaching and Counselling hold strength when explored together. There is deep healing in exploring past wounds / trauma and understanding how this pattern impacts your present moment. There is immense growth in the implementation of new behaviours and ways of thinking to shift into living your life with more ease. By utilizing both counselling and coaching theories and modalities a more harmonious future is within reach.