Rebecca Reinhart

The Unintentional Porn Star

Inspiring Post Traumatic Growth and Healing

Genieve worked with Rebecca for several years as she navigated this traumatic event in her life. The complexities that came from this experience were far reaching and deeply impacting. Throughout Rebecca's experience, something that remained consistently important for her was to express her authentic self and step into her voice - claiming back her power. She began vulnerably sharing her story with the world and is now inspiring others to step into their own healing, moving towards gaining the post traumatic growth she has worked to achieve.


*Disclaimer - this information is shared for educational, motivational and inspirational purposes - all aspects have full consent.


Podcast Episodes with Guest Appearances by Genieve

Process is a lifelong journey.  'What It Is To Be Human' is an in depth discussion with my life coach and counsellor Genieve with @empoweredlivingtoday . The universe is telling me this is an IMPORTANT episode. Genieve's mind is so expansive and caring. Her and I speak about the many multitudes of topics around self development. We open up the depths of what my journey has looked like to her - and how we can all integrate such practices into our own lives...  Process is calling you at all 

times. I hope we continue to choose to listen. "Lean into the process no matter how uncomfortable it is" - Genieve.. This episode makes me speechless and I am not holding back my awe and excitement in this description. Tune in and gather any and all you wish. I love Genieve with all my heart, and her voice and insight blows me away. Mic drop.

With so much love, Rebecca

S2 To Be Human 11-16-20Rebecca Reinhart
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S3 Ep 3 The Live Session 2Rebecca R
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WOW! This one is real and raw. Warning: this episode may be extremely triggering. Please reach out for some help or guidance if you need. Visit to book your session now. 

In this episode, Genieve and I recorded a live zoom counselling session to talk about a sexual violation that happened to me. Listen in with love and care for me and yourself. As well, if you have been through anything similar and need someone to talk to please reach out to your support system. Genieve and her team at Empowered Living are also AMAZING at dealing with any and all issues. 

Shared with care and love,


In this episode, myself and Genieve with Empowered Living revisit what it was like to record a live session (especially around such a difficult and vulnerable event). This episode, as well as the last is here to give you an idea of the support you would receive in a counselling session at Empowered Living. They have a whole team ready to help you.


S3 Ep 4 The Follow UpRebecca Reinhart
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DISCLAIMER:  These are personal opinions included within the podcast. This is a very relaxed and candid conversation around the self-development process.  *This is based off personal opinions, events & beliefs.