Small Group Online Workshops


Launching September 2022

Strengthen various life skills while experiencing the power behind growth in community and connection, utilizing a discussion based experiential style of learning. Our 16 week workshop series is organized in four categories > Discover, Explore, Connect & Embody. Walk away with a better understanding of your life experience and strengthened life-skills, so you're able to navigate your reality with more ease. 

This 16 week workshop series is designed to deliver the support and accountability you've been looking for. Included in your purchase is  a printed version of The Empowered Living Handbook - with handouts, additional resources, TIPS & more. We pride ourselves in providing a well-rounded holistic service where healing and change is possible.


Discover [week 1 - 4]

The Holistic Life Inventory

The Importance of Self-Care

Discover Your Values & Needs

The Stages of Change

Create Achievable Goals &  Align Your Dreams 

Discover more about your personal identity, values and needs. Gain clarity on where you currently are and where you would like to be. Learn how to set achievable goals and walk away with the tools to make change happen in your life.

Explore [week 5 - 8]

Distortions of the Mind

Face to Face with Shame

Facing Fear

Shift Your Inner Voice

Explore the depths of your mind. Uncover cognitive distortions and become aware of the impacts they are having on your daily life. Walk away with the ability to untwist and let go of these shame thoughts in the moment.

Connect [week 9 - 12]

Connect Deeper With Your Emotional Body

Embody Emotional Regulation

Connect With Your Intuition

Steps in Emotional Processing

Connect deeper with your emotional body and begin to understand how and what it takes to hold space for emotional regulation and processing.

Embody [week 13 - 16]

Connection With Others - Giving & Receiving Feedback

Boundaries, Self- Responsibility & Self-Reliance

Connecting With The Earth

Empowered Living, Celebration & Life Inventory

Embody everything you've learned and witness the changes you've made in  your daily life, while in connection with others.

16 week workshop series
2.5 hours per group session (once per week)
maximum 18 participants per group
new group beginning the first week of every month
The Empowered Living Handbook is included in your purchase

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