Healing Through Movement

with Genieve Morison


Gain a deeper connection with your body and heal through expression and free movement with this supportive, guided process.

Our Focus

Helping you discover more about yourself from a holistic viewpoint - utilizing educational, experiential and

discussion based learning and specialized movement exercises to embody everything explored.


Physical Health

Physical Health

Discover how your body speaks. Work with guided movement to practice listening to your body, while your mind takes a backseat. Connect deeper with your body and fall in love with your physical form. Discover how being physically healthy is more than nourishment and exercise. And walk away with a better understanding of how to give more focus and care to your physical wellbeing.  

Come face to face with the automatic thoughts that are holding you back and explore these distortions through guided movement exercises. Walk away with a deeper connect with your mind and specialized techniques to let go of these unhelpful thoughts in the moment.  

 Begin to understand your Emotional Body and how to utilize movement to help with emotional regulation and processing. Gain tools to ground and calm yourself during overwhelming and anxious moments. Become familiar and comfortable with your emotions, so you're more confidently able to meet your needs in real-time. 

Emotional Health

Mental Health

The Structure

4 week workshop

new series beginning the first week of every month

2 hour weekly group class

week one - physical health

week two - mental health 

week three - emotional health

week four - connection and embodiment


The Value of Healing Through Movement

Connect and embody everything

you've gained over the last four weeks


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