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helping you modernize and strengthen your work environment

Our unique growth and development workshops support you and your employees mental and emotional health and well-being and bring you closer together as an effective unit - helping you achieve the goals and aspirations you have as a team and individually in your personal lives.

What To Expect...

Educational resources
Experiential learning

Individual and group processing
Creative and expressive exercises
A focus on action, embodiment and implementation
Deeper community connection
Strengthened life-skills
Interactive and engaging content

Book any of our therapists to facilitate your next workshop and for convenience and ease - we come to you for these onsite workshops.

We recognize each company and team has unique needs, so we customize topics explored and exercises facilitated

Possible Workshop Topics

achievable goal setting
- understanding boundaries
- filling your self - care tool box

- how to step into meeting your personal needs
- expanding your emotional intelligence
- witness and shift your daily thoughts/habits
- move from surviving to thriving
- learn how to respond vs. react
- diversity and inclusion
strengthening leadership skillset(s)
- non-violent communication and conflict resolution
- how to create a work - life balance
- creating a safer work environment

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Have an idea for your workshop - not seeing it listed here? We are happy to create a personalized experience for you. Let us know your needs today!

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