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Feelings Inventory

Getting clear about what emotion you're experiencing helps the regulation process. Your feelings require space and desire to be validated and experienced. All of you, including your emotional self, wants to be seen and heard. When you are clear and specific about whats going on for yourself, this supports the release of emotion and return to equilibrium. When you are first connecting deeper with your emotional experience and are lacking an expansive vocabulary around feelings turn to this list to help support the emotional growth. By better understanding whats going on for you and what you're feeling, you have the opportunity to meet your own needs.

This list was created by The Centre For Nonviolent Communication with a few additions from Empowered Living

[for when your needs are NOT fulfilled]

AFRAID apprehensive, dread, foreboding, frightened, mistrustful, panicked, petrified, scared, suspicious, terrified, wary, worried ANNOYED aggravated, dismayed, disgruntled, displeased, exasperated, frustrated, impatient, irritated, irked


enraged, furious, incensed, indignant, irate, livid, outraged, resentful AVERSION animosity, appalled, contempt, disgusted, dislike, hate, horrified, hostile, repulsed CONFUSED ambivalent, baffled, bewildered, dazed, hesitant, lost, mystified, perplexed, puzzled, torn DISCONNECTED alienated, aloof, apathetic, bored, cold, detached, distant, distracted, indifferent, numb, removed, uninterested, withdrawn DISQUIET agitated, alarmed, discombobulated, disconcerted, disturbed, perturbed, rattled, restless, shocked, startled, surprised, troubled, turbulent, turmoil, uncomfortable, uneasy, unnerved, unsettled, upset EMBARRASSED ashamed, chagrined, flustered, guilty, mortified, self‐conscious, calculated, hyper-vigilant FATIGUE beat, burnt out, depleted, exhausted, lethargic, listless, sleepy, tired, weary, worn out, slow PAIN agony, anguished, bereaved, devastated, grief, heartbroken, hurt, lonely, miserable, regretful, remorseful, numb, SAD depressed, dejected, despair, despondent, disappointed, discouraged, disheartened, forlorn, gloomy, heavy, hearted, hopeless, melancholy, unhappy, wretched

[for when your needs are fulfilled]

AFFECTIONATE compassionate, friendly, loving, open - hearted, sympathetic, tender, warm ENGAGED absorbed, alert, curious, engrossed, enchanted, entranced, fascinated, interested, intrigued, involved, spellbound, stimulated, connected, present HOPEFUL expectant, encouraged, optimistic, energetic, bright CONFIDENT empowered, open, proud, safe, secure, powerful EXCITED amazed, animated, ardent, aroused, astonished, dazzled, eager, energetic, enthusiastic, giddy, invigorated, lively, passionate, surprised, vibrant GRATEFUL appreciative, moved, thankful, touched, INSPIRED amazed, awed, wonder, moved JOYFUL amused, delighted, glad, happy, jubilant, pleased, tickled EXHILARATED blissful, ecstatic, elated, enthralled, exuberant, radiant, rapturous, thrilled PEACEFUL calm, clear headed, comfortable, centred, content, equanimous, fulfilled, mellow, quiet, relaxed, relieved, satisfied, serene, still, tranquil, trusting REFRESHED enlivened, rejuvenated, renewed, rested, restored, revived, energetic

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