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Double Activation

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Double Activation is common! When you have put yourself out there and it impacts someone and activates them (maybe because of past trauma or wounds or a crossed boundary or value) this sends you into heightened activation, possibly because conflict is now present and vulnerability is in the air. Energy is active. Perhaps you start spinning with self-blame, maybe fall into care taking mode and experience deep fear that everything is over and it's all your fault. In this moment it's valuable to recognize the double activation has taken place. Deep breath. Space is important both internally and externally for the emotional activation to be processed and released. Take a moment away from the situation - If this is with someone you communicate often with and experience this reaction multiple times, I find it helpful for everyone to be on the same page about space being a helpful tool in these moments. Space is helpful for the process. Reference "Space for emotional processing" post for helpful steps in this process.

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