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How do you know when you need support

and to focus on healing and change?


> when you notice heaviness looming around

> sudden withdraw from daily interests, activities and connections 

> loss of love towards passions

> when everything starts to feel difficult and hard - normally being easy breezy

(showering, getting dressed, visiting with friends)

> less tolerance and more reactivity

> survival mode more often

> curiosities and questions about who you are (identity - sexual, gender, spirituality, culture)

> dissatisfaction with present circumstances

> easily being thrown out of your window of tolerance - emotional disregulation

> sudden loss

> trauma

> regular conflict and disagreements in relationships

> need for clarity, closure and understanding

> sudden change and transition

> loss of personal identity

> lack of life-skills and tools

> environmental impact factors

> barriers in access to needs and support (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical)

> feelings of being stuck

> feelings of being overwhelmed in daily life

> not sure the direction you would like to go

There are many reasons one may reach out for support and generally it comes down to not feeling okay in ones present existence. Change, challenge and unexpected turns are inevitable in this life and there is great value in having someone outside of yourself to support you as you navigate each experience. We are communal beings and need support from others - we are not meant to walk this earth in isolation. You can only do the best you can with what you currently have and having someone to expand your understanding of your intrinsic and extrinsic wisdom is valuable to continue to feel fulfilled within yourself and your life.


If any of this is resonating with you - here are a few considerations as you step into the healing and growth you are needing.


1. There is great importance in establishing your foundation before stepping in. This gives you a solid starting place for your desired processing, healing and change. This can be valuable privately with a professional, in a group setting or through professional self-development resources. (sign up below for our seven days of free resources to help you begin establishing your foundation - free guided meditation, breathing exercise, journal prompt explorations, the holistic life inventory wheel exploration, action-steps to begin right away and more...)

2. Leaning into the way you learn best can help you remain consistent with stepping in. Answer a few of the following questions to gain more direction: 


Are you someone who would benefit from private sessions or small group work?

Do you need more direction and structure or freedom and flexibility?

Do you process more cognitively or emotionally?

Are you an auditory learner or visual learner?

Are you someone who learns independently and would benefit from professional resources in-between sessions?

Are you someone who enjoys learning through creativity and play?

3. There is a difference in awareness in reflection and awareness in real-time. The opportunity for change begins with awareness in reflection, processing and healing wounds and change is experienced when you are consciously aware of your experience as it is happening in the moment (awareness in real-time). Change becomes sustainable when you are in consistent action/maintenance and implementing the acquired/strengthened life-skills to create the shift(s) you've discovered. A professional therapist is valuable in supporting and unlocking these awarenesses, understandings and helping you step into implementation and consistent action. (sign up below for a complimentary discovery call to be aligned with a therapist today) 


4. There is value in understanding the “stages of change" and where you currently are in the cycle. This gives you the knowing of where to give your focus to first and the understanding of what is happening for you when you enter a different phase. (purchase the EL creative journal below - at the beginning of the journal you will learn more about each stage and your current relationship with change)


The Stages of Change








5. A portion of this journey is learning how to take care of yourself and let go of ignoring your personal needs when they come up.

What personal needs do you often ignore?

Why do you suppose you ignore these needs?

What/who is impacted by ignoring these needs?


6. A huge part of healing, growth and change is discovering, believing in and building from your personal strengths and worthiness.

What are your personal strengths?

What compliments do others give you often?

How do you know these are personal strengths?

How do you feel about your personal strengths?

What relationship do you have with your personal strengths?

What is your relationship with worthiness?

What does it feel like when you feel worthy? 


7. It is important to recognize that resistance is part of the journey and there is so much value in sitting with and working with the resistance that is showing up for you. Working to remain curious and let go of judgement, focusing on quieting the unwanted shame voice and listening to what wisdom resistance has for you.

What is your relationship with resistance?

Do you lean in?

Do you shy away from?


8. Healing and change is possible, life can be different ‒ with the right support, tools and guidance around you.


Sign up for seven days of free resources - gently welcoming you into setting your foundation to support your healing, processing and growth. (free guided meditation, breathing exercise, journal prompt explorations, the holistic life inventory wheel exploration, action-steps to begin right away and more...)

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