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genieve morison empowered living registered therapist
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Genieve Morison


Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Certified Health Coach

Workshop Facilitator

Genieve Morison (she/they) is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT). She is certified in holistic life coaching, health coaching and wellness counselling. Genieve is trained in CBT, DBT, somatic therapy and narrative therapy. Genieve is informed in trauma and addictions counselling and crisis intervention & non-violent communication. She sees the importance in holding space for deep healing and expansive growth working in the past, present and future using a client centred biopsychosocial approach. 


Genieve has always had an innate curiosity about this life experience and loves diving deep into philosophical conversations and connecting with humans in meaningful ways. She is a sensitive soul with an expansive understanding of the mental and emotional bodies. She is a creative artist, mover and dancer. She is authentic and honest, and a proud member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community. These elements have great impact on the space they hold and the work they do. 


She was first launched into this work when she suffered a series of concussions, throwing her into unexpected trauma and transition, resulting in an identity crisis and a variety of physical, mental and emotional challenges. As she walked the concussion healing journey she discovered many unhealed wounds, missing life-skills and  intrinsic understandings of her personal human process - directly impacting her healing and important relationships in her life. Guiding her to heal her sensitive parts, learn how to support her personal emotional regulation needs, expand her window of tolerance, distinguish what was theirs and not theirs in conflict and confrontation with others, and establish a solid autonomy and ability to express her authentic self. Witnessing the first hand value and impact the inner-self-work has in life, Genieve immediately knew she wanted to help others in this deeply supportive way - influencing their decision to go back to school and gain the education necessary to help. 


Genieve graduated with her holistic life coaching certificate and professional counselling diploma and has devoted many hours to understanding what it takes to achieve healing and change in this life. She holds comforting space with a holistic and human feel and works to help clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their human processing (utilizing a foundation in CBT). She focuses on helping clients strengthen their life skills and gain awareness in real time to have the space and opportunity to make alternative decisions and achieve the change they are looking for. With her unique background in creative arts, movement and dance Genieve is able to offer a specialized approach to help heal emotional and mental challenges with body movement and expressive arts (no artistic or dance background necessary). 

empowered living logo therapy coaching and counselling queer space

Christine Amuge


Professional Therapeutic Counsellor

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Workshop Facilitator

empowered living christine amuge therapist

Christine Amuge (she/they), born and raised in Uganda-E.A, is a vibrant spirit coursing through life with the guidance of her heart, learning and leading through a holistic understanding of the world. In late 2017 she travelled and migrated to Vancouver Canada and with the immediate circumstances of her transition, gained lived experience while accessing social services from the city. She went on to start volunteering in some of the community resource centres, as she slowly discovered her passion for working with and connecting with youth. Growing up with limited resources pushed Christine to become creative in the way she met her needs and navigated daily life – giving her greater understanding of challenge and a variety of life-skills, impacting the space she holds today with youth experiencing adversity and living with barriers.

She is now furthering her studies with Rhodes Wellness College and is presently certified in life skills coaching and is currently completing her professional counselling diploma. She is informed in trauma, basic counselling, youth and family counselling, CBT, DBT, Narrative and Somatic therapy. These trainings combined with her lived experience and volunteering opportunities have provided her with the skills to help youth navigate their life in a more conscious and desirable way.

Christine holds space with comfort, creative curiosities and reflective processing approaches. She steps into the work with humanness and humour, a holistic perspective and consistently remains client centred. She enjoys tapping into various therapeutic tools from expressive movement and creative work, to breath-work and guided visualizations, to emotional trauma releases and regulation support.    

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