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Book any of our leaders to speak at your next event or convention

Possible Keynote Speaking Topics

- stress vs. anxiety
- how to gain deeper connection in this life 
- how to increase self-worthiness
- what does it take to step into empowered living?

- what is self-development?
- what it means to be human
- diversity and inclusion
- how to begin conscious living
- what it takes to make change in your life 
- how to achieve post traumatic growth
- inspirational growth stories and experiences
- the importance of play
- concussion healing
- healing through movement
- mental health in the arts

Possible Workshop Topics

achievable goal setting
- understanding boundaries 
- how to step into meeting your personal needs
- expanding your emotional intelligence
- witness and shift your daily thoughts/habits
- move from surviving to thriving
- learn how to respond vs. react
- concussion healing workshop
- healing through movement

Have an idea for your event - not seeing it listed here? We are happy to create a personalized experience for you. Send us a message and let us know your needs today!

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